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Friday, July 21, 2006

These are pictures of Lucas taken just a few days ago. Thought maybe some of you might like to see that I do have TWO sons...not just one! LOL!!!!

These are pictures of the firefighting training that Anthony is going through as part of his MOS training in Virginia. He only has one week left! Then it is off to 29 Palms!

This is our cat Snotface. He has black on his ears, a black spot on his back and a black tail. Otherwise he is completely white.

He also weighs about 16 pounds.

Monday, May 22, 2006

This is Anthony and his prom date Alicia. They had a great time. It was a first date for both of them. Neither had ever been on a formal date before.

Monday, April 24, 2006

My kids and me!
The only child missing is Lucas. He couldn't make it this time, but we will all get together again!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I thought this was cool. These are all the seabags lined up waiting for the new Marines to pick them up. It made it all so real to us.

I love the airplane in the background. The recruits have to see the airplanes take off and land constantly; the base is right next to San Diego Airport. When we landed, we could see the obstacle course and the base from the airplane.

This is Meg and I with one of the Budweiser Clydesdales. They have a stable at SeaWorld. The horses are so beautiful. This horse just stood patiently while we all waited in line to take turns petting him.

I love this picture. Bella would just giggle and giggle. When we got in the car to go anywhere she would start singing.

She was so good all week. I was impressed with how well behaved she was. She would get into trouble with her mom and turn around and grin so big!

She is a darling little girl and I wanted to bring her home!

Bella at our motel pool.

Gee, don't they look alike?

Isabella and the polar bear her mother bought at SeaWorld. Rachel bought the bear for herself, but Bella quickly took over. She kept giving it kisses. At one point, she took the bear right out of her mom's arms!

Anthony and Meghan.
She won't leave him alone.

We went to Target to get Anthony some civilian clothes to wear to SeaWorld. While we were there, he decided he wanted some ice cream. He was standing in line to get the single scoop ice cream cone they sell in the food court when a man behind him starting talking to him. They talked for a few minutes and then the man told the cashier that he would pay for Anthony's ice cream, too. When she handed the "single scoop" cone to Anthony, it was a double scoop!

We noticed a lot of people giving Anthony a lot more respect when he was wearing his uniform. Nice to see people still respect the uniform.

Grandma Donella and Anthony the Marine.

Rachel being a mommy.

I don't know what this child is doing...But it was such a wild picture I had to post it!

Mom in front of a giant cactus in Old Town San Diego. We were there long enough to play tourist! Mom, Rachel, Bella, Meghan and I spent all day Wednesday together wandering around Old Town.

Pretty interesting stuff. I have a lot of pictures from there, too, but I won't post those. They are pretty boring for most people.

Rachel at breakfast on the first day. I have tons of pictures of her because I just couldn't stop looking at her!!!!

Aunt Meghan and Isabella eating breakfast at the motel.

Bella wasn't too sure what to do with Meghan when we first got there, but she warmed up pretty quick. By the time we left, Bella couldn't seem to get enough of Meg.

Great-Grandma Donella and beautiful Isabella.

This is my mom and dad at the Orientation.

Dad was in an electric scooter all week. His back has gotten really bad and he will need to have surgery this summer.

Hard to believe they have 6 great-grandchildren, huh?

Anthony putting the emblem on his cover at the Emblem Ceremony.

This is Anthony and Meghan after the Emblem Ceremony.

He was on his second tray of food. Right after the ceremony, we went to the mini mall on base and had something to eat. He ate an entire tray of food at that point. Then we went to walk around for a while. Suddenly, he says he's hungry again. So we went back for more and he ate another whole tray of food.

I was talking to some other visitors and they all said their Marines were doing the same thing. All the letters home were about food and all they wanted to do was eat.

Anthony just after his Emblem Ceremony when he received his Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem for his cover (hat).

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Anthony & My Parents

Friday, November 12, 2004

Bubba J - What a cutie!!